Green and cracked

Sometimes days/weeks have “themes”, like I ran into three old friends or my luck is in.  Well last week my theme was “cracked”.  I cracked my car windshield, my watch crystal and a nail.  Now the nail and the watch were no biggie.  Watches are mandatory at work (?!) so I bought this one three years ago at the $10 store in the airport, where I got a discount.  It’s a fab watch and still works cracked so that one is a wash.  My nails crack because they do, so got I it fixed at my mani the other day.  Now for the windshield, wtf?  It just was cracked when I went out to my car, no trauma to be found.  Today I get a nice new windshield, rather than say, BOOTS!  Argh.
But I digress.  If my problems can be solved by $235 and a piece of glass I have no problems.  Onwards!
The green rayon you see in the crap picture above is for that Rachel Comey blouse from Vogue 1170.  I’ve got the pattern cut and marked, so sewing should commence soon.  Maybe when I’m done with my cute blouse I can make this (click at your peril). I love how they’ve rated it flattering for all figures…really?!
Knitting is still ongoing on Peasy.  Just a few more inches and it’s done – I couldn’t in good conscience subject you to more incremental Peasy pics though, so take my word on that one.
Pattern alert!  Has everyone seen Romi’s 7 Small Shawls ebook being released soon?  Small shawls/scarves made with sock yarn.  Love that idea for travel projects (since I don’t need socks right now).  Rosemary‘s designs are always gorgeous so I can’t wait to see what’s coming out of her brain (so to speak).

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  1. Bummer about the windshield. I knew my glass guy way too well in Montana. There was never any doubt about my guilt in the breaking of truck windows… Guess you got a chip and the temperature change in the night made it craaaaack. Glad it didn’t crack while you were driving — it’s unnerving to have a windshield do that — hard to concentrate on driving!

    You going to make the skirts on the pattern envelope too? I like them. And no, for some reason I don’t feel the need to make the pantsuit — yikes!

    Love the drape of sock yarn in a shawl — will definitely watch Ravelry for Romi’s new designs. Thanks for the alert.

  2. That linked pattern would certainly work at hiding all figures, that’s for sure.

    You are making me want to sew. And I hate sewing. Or at least, the fiddly parts – hems, zippers, interfacings, waistbands… well, maybe I just hate sewing anything other than a straight seam.

    I’d actually like to hem some of my really long t-shirts, or even make some t-shirts in the proportions I like, but sadly, I only have a basic machine with straight stitch and zig-zag. That probably wouldn’t work very well for t-shirt material.

  3. Most car insurance policies include replacement glass coverage (no deductible!). Check and see if you can be reimbursed – and then buy the boots!

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