This better get me an amphora

Eight years ago I lost a bet with my friend Jenny the potter.  If I won I’d get her to make me a pot, if she won she’d get socks.  Well I lost and here are the socks.  Yes, I got right on that.  Both of us have rather bad memories, but the other day we both remembered I owed her socks when I was banging on about how she’d made me one pot in the 20 years we’ve known each other.
I marched right down to the yarn shop and scooped up a skein of Cascade Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn  in colorway 9883 – Wild Roses and cast on the latest Cookie A sock pattern, Cubist Socks.  This is even a free pattern via the Knitting Daily website – yippee!
So far so good sizewise, so it’s fun with charts around here.
P.s. Thanks for the font size feedback.  Turns out when I looked into it, I can’t actually change the font size with my present free blog platform account.  I could upgrade, learn some CSS and change it, but that’s just not going to happen.  So changing the zoom level is the best solution…