Another green item?

At last, something is complete.  You see here Vogue 1170, a Rachel Comey blouse.  I liked this pattern since it came out and finally got around to making the blouse.  The skirt is adorable too, but is only 17″ long and would require a great deal of lengthening to make it wearable without exceedingly rude comments from the general public.  So the blouse it was.
I used some green material from Fabrix, where the prices are right and the fabric content descriptions are vague at best.  I surmised from the way this green stuff presses, that it’s a rayon/poly blend.  Turns out, a perfect choice for this blouse.
Construction notes:  all seams are narrow hemmed or French seamed.  I know!  Wherein I use the serger 99.9% of the time, it was rather fun to use more refined techniques.  I was fortunate in my choice of fabric, as both of those seam types are made much easier with a fabric than takes a crease.  The neck is finished with a bias band and is gorgeous – if I do say so myself.  The fronts are cut on the bias and are rather large pattern pieces, so a big cutting table came in handy on this layout.
Please forgive the plethora of pictures for a simple blouse, but it’s a bit tricky to photograph and capture the details. This blouse is all about the details.  Also, big hair and no makeup is the best you people get when I’m on vacation.
Next sewing project will use the serger, I don’t want her (the serger) to get peevish.  I can’t decide between a light blue knit top or a violet knit dress – both easy and both Burda (my fave!)…