Suitcase dress

It’s almost a handicap having too much time off.  Almost.  For me, it means I want to do EVERYTHING rather than finishing one thing and starting another.  Add to that all the chores and tasks I put off when I’ve only got a few days off (like car stuff – ugh) so I’m proud of myself for focussing and making this dress.
I’m going to call this my “Suitcase Dress” because I can just toss it in my bag and leave it there.  It’s a rayon/spandex knit and the pattern is Burda 7647 view B.  It’s a super easy dress and I added lining so it’s not seethrough in the sun.  Right, you can’t see my bits and pieces in this sun shot.  Now I’ve got to scoot back into the house asap so I don’t get even a hint of a tan.
I chose this dress because of it’s shape.  You can wear a bra with it (or not) and I made it long enough so you could wear it out and not have it look like a beach coverup.  I wanted to line the skirt because I’ve noticed all my favorite knit dresses have linings.  I couldn’t find any nylon tricot locally so I bought a half slip, cut off the elastic waistband and used that as a lining.  It worked well and I looked like a real winner in Kohl’s lingerie department trying half slips on over my clothes and pulling them up to my empire line.  Winner.  Hey, it was $9 and I didn’t have to mailorder tricot.
Mods to this dress:  added lining, no zipper (who needs a zipper with such a stretchy knit?), doubled the layers of the front bodice to reduce the chances of nip slips and bindings at neck and sleeves instead of the turn and stitch method in the instructions.
I noticed when this dress was all done that I’d cut the skirt pieces on the cross grain instead of the straight grain.  That would be a huge problem in any other fabric than this rayon knit because it stretches pretty evenly both length- and cross-wise.  Oh well, we’ll see what happens.
All in all, a super easy dress and will get lots of wear this summer.