NYC Room With a View

Here’s the view from my NYC layover after a perfect morning of fabric shopping and an alfresco lunch in Bryant Park.
What’s that fabric part of the story you ask?  My crew mates and I went to Paron Fabrics (one of my faves – overstock designer fabrics) and I bought the lovely selection you see here.
At left is an ikat print silk and rayon (?) lycra bottomweight from Phillip Lim.
Middle is a four way stretch knit in abstract yellow and oranges for a fun dress-to-be.
At right top is a stretch cotton woven print with those crazy abstract florals I love so much.  At right bottom is a DKNY cotton lycra striped knit.
Not a bad haul for a short shopping excursion, though I must say it is heavy carrying that fabric around the country for the next three days.  Such are the sacrifices I make for my hobbies.
Guess who’s going to be doing a bit of sewing next week?

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  1. Thanks for posting the triple-choc-mousse cake recipe! I made it yesterday for Father’s Day and OMG, it was over-the-top delicious. Completely worth the time and calories. Everyone was happy and even now I am daydreaming about the leftover slices at home in the fridge. Nom…..

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