Lots of pink

After a week of flying around to a dozen different cities, every one of them about 90 degrees and completely humid, I touched down in SFO to 68 degrees and fog just rolling in.  Heaven! Since summer is here (officially) in this part of the world I ran amok in the garden with a pair of scissors. (Peonies courtesy of Trader Joe’s.) What’s a nicer way to celebrate a new season than some pretty posies around the house?

The other new pink in my life today are my nails – yes I’m becoming manicure obsessed.  I decided to get rid of the acrylics, they worked for my hard on nails job, but I really am not a long nail girl.  I did a bit of research and found a brand new product available that may just perfect for me.  It’s a new UV gel polish that lasts two weeks without chipping and it’s only been available for three weeks, so why not give that a try?  It’s CND Shellac, it doesn’t smell and after it’s cured you can’t smudge it and it comes off with acetone. No more dremmel filing and all that so I’ll see how I fare with it for the next two weeks.  I think I may love it though.


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  1. OK, so tell me how that gel mani worked for you. I’m so curious, being one of those girls who doesn’t think an easily chipped mani is worth the time or effort.

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