Keep it coming

You know why we sometimes move onto another project without finishing the first one?  Because they start to annoy.  Here is proof.

Peasy is almost done.  I was doing interminable stockinette rows but put it down when I started to drool.  I picked it back up yesterday and I just need to finish the sleeves with the small amount of yarn I’ve got left, graft, weave, block and button.  Not too much really, just keep the momentum going.

The jersey cross front dress became annoying too.  There were fit and pattern issues to overcome, plus my machine did not enjoy the jersey.  There was much seam ripping.  Too much for a casual summer dress.  Now they’re playing nice, but it was a struggle.  The lining is almost ready to go in and I’ll have this thing completed soon.

BTW sewists, BMV patterns is having a sale right now for just a few days…just sayin’.  If you’re going to sew, at least save on the patterns.

Grit your teeth and smile…


Blocked and loaded

Merope is done!  It was a fun project, not too hard but easy enough to knit on when I’m travelling and sleep deprived.  This project was the first time I could use my new blocking wires.  I think I need to practice more with blocking wires, but they sure do nice points.

Specs:  Hand Jive Knits Nature’s Palette Fingering approximately 2.5 skeins, 3.75mm needles and no mods.  My shawl blocked to 61″ x 28″.

Now would it be wrong to gently suggest to Romi that she put her creative mind to a rectangular scarf (my personal preference)?  Please please please!  Fingers crossed she takes requests!



I misplaced my Saturday.  Have you seen it?  No?

I got up at 3:30 am in California on Saturday and ended up in Manchester UK about 8 am Sunday.  The middle is a bit fuzzy.  Not unpleasant mind, I like my job and Manchester folks are rather nice passengers.  But it’s the kind of day where you eat Chinese food for breakfast and have a coffee right before bed.

Sometimes people think I’m weird for really liking Manchester (usually people from Manchester) as much as I do, but on a layover your needs and wants are not the same as for a vacation.  I have my Marks & Spencer just steps away, internet and a comfy bed.  I’m only here for 24 hours afterall.  After arriving and before going to bed, I walked to M&S to indulge my love for their superior tights and delicious food.  They are the best, that is my impartial rating fyi – they don’t sponsor me but I wouldn’t say no…These pics are from my walk down the street.

Enjoy the pretty cloudy sky and the view from my room.  Tomorrow I do all this travel in reverse and end up in sunny California, albeit with a bag full of superior tights.

Happy Sunday/Monday!

Knittingwise, I began Maia with some Shibui sock yarn from the stash.  My start is a bit wonky so I may rip it out and start again.  This doesn’t seem to be too uncommon after reading the comments from the knitters who started this project before me.  Or maybe it looks just fine…

Why isn’t this colorway called hydrangea?

I’ve finished the knitting part of Merope, now I just need my blocking wires to arrive and this project is done!  Rosemary helpfully posted the other day about blocking and killing a shawl made from sock yarn to foil the nylon in the yarn from springing back to the place you’re trying to coax  it out of.  It involves blocking, pinning and a steam iron.  I can do that, I love the steam iron!

Of course now my problem is that I’m working for the next three days and have nothing to knit upon.  Hmm, what ever can I do? <insert giggling here>

Instead of a lace picture

Since my crafty efforts of Merope knitting are none to interesting to photograph, I give you my rustic little nosegay to enjoy.  This is courtesy of the garden and me wandering around the yard shamelessly in my pajamas halfway through the morning.  The hydrangea is almost the same color as my Merope, but my knowledge of camera settings is too slight to show you this.  If you want to see some really pretty blog pics, may I direct you to this blog.  Gorgeous photos.

Because I am knitting lace, I thought investing in some lace blocking wires would be a good thing. has some blocking wires online and with my coupon (DFS198) I got 50% off.  With shipping and tax, the whole total was under $20.  I hope it’s a decent setup since Merope should be done by the time it arrives.  I hope.


I cut out the pieces for a rayon jersey dress that I’ve been meaning to get to.  You know the feeling.  The rayon jersey has been in the stash for a bit, but not so long that I’ve forgotten where it came from.  It’s a rayon pint jersey from Stonemountain.  If you get confused by what a jersey or an interlock is here’s an excellent quick reference to bookmark.  The pattern I cut out is New Look 6802 and I’m making the sleeveless version.

I looked at the projects for this pattern in Pattern Review and there was a bit of discussion that the front shirring can produce a maternity looking dress with the wrong fabric.  Since rayon jersey would probably look maternity, I removed a great deal of the front shirring.  I left in a bit of shirring because I think the twist bodice needs a bit of texture there, just not embryo sized shirring.

I’ve also raised the armholes 1/2″ at the sides and redrawn the armhole curves.  I think a higher armole is called for in a sleeveless garment and using the same curve as the sleeved version is a pet peeve of mine.  We shall see how my theory holds when sewing commences.

After searching locally for some tricot to make linings for my knit dresses, I finally hit the jackpot yesterday in Berkeley at Discount Fabrics.  They have 92″ wide black tricot for $4.98.  Yay!  I bought five yards out of panic.  Sadly, I scoured the racks for other colors but there were none.  I got a bit of silver perforated sport jersey like fabric for lining the bodice of this dress.  It makes me giggle to use football jersey material, but it may work out just great.  It’s pretty darn easy to find that holey stuff at the fabric stores and it’s cheap.  I may just invent a new use for this stuff.  Plus it’s a two way stretch knit, so what’s not to like.

So those are the ingredients for my dress.  I hope my ideas come together like I think they should.  We shall see.

Pink don’t stink

I managed to sneak a few rows of knitting on Merope into my work week.  I keep thinking my shawl should be longer by now.  It’s not.  I thought I’d pin it out a bit to see what it looked like and it’s cute, if I do say so myself.  Pinning it out made it seem like I’m not knitting the tiniest shawl ever.  It just needs a good yanking.  (have fun with that one google)

I’m also thinking about cutting out another summer dress, but the pattern needs a bit of adjusting per the comments over on PatternReview.  Hopefully I’ll get it cut out tomorrow to work on next week.  My work schedule on permits crafting in short bursts.  Annoying but true.

AND, for those considering going to New York Sheep and Wool festival this year in October, I had a bit of trouble finding a hotel room this year.  Either there’s another event occurring in the Poughkeepsie area that weekend, or the festival will have a banner turn out.  I found a great hotel in Kingston Fishkill, so if you’re thinking about attending, get on those accommodations.  And the CIA is taking reservations for October, so foodies get on that.  I’d love to freak those adorable chef/students out with a diningroom full of knitters.  Oh yeah, and the food’s amazing…

I love fog

I was listening to the news while driving home from the airport this afternoon and they said that 1/4 of the US population was sweltering in triple digits today.  I know this because I worked about 16 flights in the past 6 days and every single place I went was sweltering (except Denver – you rock!).  When I got home and drove across the bridge, what did I see but fog!  Fog!  I LOVE fog!

So hot people, sit by the AC and look at my fog.  It could only help.  Now it’s naptime!

Pink in the sky

Since I’m commuting to work now (on the plane but not a working crew memeber) I thought I’d take the opportunity to use the inflight wi-fi and my free use code to blog.  So I am currently blogging at 38,000 feet.  I hope you’re not scared of heights!

I wanted to finish my Blue Ishbel before starting Romi’s Merope, one lace project at a time for me is plenty.  I’m almost done with Ishbel but have to work for six days, which make my work longer than my available knitting.  I HAD to start Merope.  Had to!

What you see in the crappy photos are how far you can get through the first chart while watching TV and wishing you didn’t have to work for the next six days.  Pretty far!  No problems so far, the pattern is super.  The yarn is Nature’s Palette in “owl’s clover” colorway (wtf is up with that name btw?) which I’m hoping will become super soft and drapey after it’s washed and blocked.

Of course the day after starting Merope, Romi came out with the next shawl of her 7 Small Shawls e-book.  It’s Maia and it’s gorgeous, if you’ve not seen it.  Is it wrong to want to lick that green yarn?  I thought not.