Pink in the sky

Since I’m commuting to work now (on the plane but not a working crew memeber) I thought I’d take the opportunity to use the inflight wi-fi and my free use code to blog.  So I am currently blogging at 38,000 feet.  I hope you’re not scared of heights!

I wanted to finish my Blue Ishbel before starting Romi’s Merope, one lace project at a time for me is plenty.  I’m almost done with Ishbel but have to work for six days, which make my work longer than my available knitting.  I HAD to start Merope.  Had to!

What you see in the crappy photos are how far you can get through the first chart while watching TV and wishing you didn’t have to work for the next six days.  Pretty far!  No problems so far, the pattern is super.  The yarn is Nature’s Palette in “owl’s clover” colorway (wtf is up with that name btw?) which I’m hoping will become super soft and drapey after it’s washed and blocked.

Of course the day after starting Merope, Romi came out with the next shawl of her 7 Small Shawls e-book.  It’s Maia and it’s gorgeous, if you’ve not seen it.  Is it wrong to want to lick that green yarn?  I thought not.


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  1. You’re knitting two different lace patterns/projects at the same time? WHO ARE YOU & WHERE’S MY SIL?!

    The yarn name? She uses natural shit to dye her yarn. Weeds and twigs and whatnot. I’m guessing that may have something to do with the name of that colorway. She lives in Davis last time I heard, btw.


  2. I’m with yu on the 7 shawls. I’m certain that it was a wise purchase. I am waiting a little until the corrections sort themselves out though!

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