I love fog

I was listening to the news while driving home from the airport this afternoon and they said that 1/4 of the US population was sweltering in triple digits today.  I know this because I worked about 16 flights in the past 6 days and every single place I went was sweltering (except Denver – you rock!).  When I got home and drove across the bridge, what did I see but fog!  Fog!  I LOVE fog!

So hot people, sit by the AC and look at my fog.  It could only help.  Now it’s naptime!


5 responses

  1. Does fog mean plane delays and extra knitting time?

    How funny that Denver was cool- the hottest plane I ever waited in was in Denver!

  2. Thanks for the Denver shout out! The funny thing is… I headed up into the mountains to avoid the ‘heat’ this weekend! Couldn’t take those 85 degree days! I know I’m spoiled, but I figure after 4 years in Phoenix I paid my dues.

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