Pink don’t stink

I managed to sneak a few rows of knitting on Merope into my work week.  I keep thinking my shawl should be longer by now.  It’s not.  I thought I’d pin it out a bit to see what it looked like and it’s cute, if I do say so myself.  Pinning it out made it seem like I’m not knitting the tiniest shawl ever.  It just needs a good yanking.  (have fun with that one google)

I’m also thinking about cutting out another summer dress, but the pattern needs a bit of adjusting per the comments over on PatternReview.  Hopefully I’ll get it cut out tomorrow to work on next week.  My work schedule on permits crafting in short bursts.  Annoying but true.

AND, for those considering going to New York Sheep and Wool festival this year in October, I had a bit of trouble finding a hotel room this year.  Either there’s another event occurring in the Poughkeepsie area that weekend, or the festival will have a banner turn out.  I found a great hotel in Kingston Fishkill, so if you’re thinking about attending, get on those accommodations.  And the CIA is taking reservations for October, so foodies get on that.  I’d love to freak those adorable chef/students out with a diningroom full of knitters.  Oh yeah, and the food’s amazing…


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