I cut out the pieces for a rayon jersey dress that I’ve been meaning to get to.  You know the feeling.  The rayon jersey has been in the stash for a bit, but not so long that I’ve forgotten where it came from.  It’s a rayon pint jersey from Stonemountain.  If you get confused by what a jersey or an interlock is here’s an excellent quick reference to bookmark.  The pattern I cut out is New Look 6802 and I’m making the sleeveless version.

I looked at the projects for this pattern in Pattern Review and there was a bit of discussion that the front shirring can produce a maternity looking dress with the wrong fabric.  Since rayon jersey would probably look maternity, I removed a great deal of the front shirring.  I left in a bit of shirring because I think the twist bodice needs a bit of texture there, just not embryo sized shirring.

I’ve also raised the armholes 1/2″ at the sides and redrawn the armhole curves.  I think a higher armole is called for in a sleeveless garment and using the same curve as the sleeved version is a pet peeve of mine.  We shall see how my theory holds when sewing commences.

After searching locally for some tricot to make linings for my knit dresses, I finally hit the jackpot yesterday in Berkeley at Discount Fabrics.  They have 92″ wide black tricot for $4.98.  Yay!  I bought five yards out of panic.  Sadly, I scoured the racks for other colors but there were none.  I got a bit of silver perforated sport jersey like fabric for lining the bodice of this dress.  It makes me giggle to use football jersey material, but it may work out just great.  It’s pretty darn easy to find that holey stuff at the fabric stores and it’s cheap.  I may just invent a new use for this stuff.  Plus it’s a two way stretch knit, so what’s not to like.

So those are the ingredients for my dress.  I hope my ideas come together like I think they should.  We shall see.

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  1. Great idea for that sports jersey (over here I think it would be thought of as more for outdoor clothing – lining of raincoats and the like).

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