Instead of a lace picture

Since my crafty efforts of Merope knitting are none to interesting to photograph, I give you my rustic little nosegay to enjoy.  This is courtesy of the garden and me wandering around the yard shamelessly in my pajamas halfway through the morning.  The hydrangea is almost the same color as my Merope, but my knowledge of camera settings is too slight to show you this.  If you want to see some really pretty blog pics, may I direct you to this blog.  Gorgeous photos.

Because I am knitting lace, I thought investing in some lace blocking wires would be a good thing. has some blocking wires online and with my coupon (DFS198) I got 50% off.  With shipping and tax, the whole total was under $20.  I hope it’s a decent setup since Merope should be done by the time it arrives.  I hope.

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  1. I got the same set of blocking wires, and I love them! They made blocking a shawl a very swift affair, I only pinned out the points.

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