I misplaced my Saturday.  Have you seen it?  No?

I got up at 3:30 am in California on Saturday and ended up in Manchester UK about 8 am Sunday.  The middle is a bit fuzzy.  Not unpleasant mind, I like my job and Manchester folks are rather nice passengers.  But it’s the kind of day where you eat Chinese food for breakfast and have a coffee right before bed.

Sometimes people think I’m weird for really liking Manchester (usually people from Manchester) as much as I do, but on a layover your needs and wants are not the same as for a vacation.  I have my Marks & Spencer just steps away, internet and a comfy bed.  I’m only here for 24 hours afterall.  After arriving and before going to bed, I walked to M&S to indulge my love for their superior tights and delicious food.  They are the best, that is my impartial rating fyi – they don’t sponsor me but I wouldn’t say no…These pics are from my walk down the street.

Enjoy the pretty cloudy sky and the view from my room.  Tomorrow I do all this travel in reverse and end up in sunny California, albeit with a bag full of superior tights.

Happy Sunday/Monday!

Knittingwise, I began Maia with some Shibui sock yarn from the stash.  My start is a bit wonky so I may rip it out and start again.  This doesn’t seem to be too uncommon after reading the comments from the knitters who started this project before me.  Or maybe it looks just fine…

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  1. I love your Manchester pics! A friend for 13 years has been trying to get me to visit her there. Had to look up “tights” 🙂

  2. I’m rather enamoured with the brick of Manchester myself. It’s the colour that does it for me – makes for a nice contrast with all the steel.

    Here’s hoping third time’s the charm and our schedules sync up with public transport! 😀

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