Keep it coming

You know why we sometimes move onto another project without finishing the first one?  Because they start to annoy.  Here is proof.

Peasy is almost done.  I was doing interminable stockinette rows but put it down when I started to drool.  I picked it back up yesterday and I just need to finish the sleeves with the small amount of yarn I’ve got left, graft, weave, block and button.  Not too much really, just keep the momentum going.

The jersey cross front dress became annoying too.  There were fit and pattern issues to overcome, plus my machine did not enjoy the jersey.  There was much seam ripping.  Too much for a casual summer dress.  Now they’re playing nice, but it was a struggle.  The lining is almost ready to go in and I’ll have this thing completed soon.

BTW sewists, BMV patterns is having a sale right now for just a few days…just sayin’.  If you’re going to sew, at least save on the patterns.

Grit your teeth and smile…


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  1. I’ve always ended up emptying my shopping cart on the BMV sales because the shipping always ends up being way too much for the amount of product I’m buying. It’s too bad, because there’s some spiffy & tempting stuff there.

  2. Hi Redsilvia – I’m sorry that your jersey dress is proving to be so annoying!!! – but I’m looking forward to seeing the end result – it’s a nice looking pattern and I think that the things that give us trouble often turn out to be real successes. To answer your question on my blog – you are clearly very perceptive because, yes, I am using some of the fabric I bought in New York – I just couldn’t wait to cut into it!

  3. Just in case you haven’t heard this, try stitching a strip of tissue paper or such into the seam. I think there may be a dissoluble paper for this purpose. It helps to overcome the reluctance of your machine. Also be sure to use a ball point or a universal needle if you haven’t already. Try changing the needle perhaps. I haven’t checked back to what other fabrics you have used, so this might be superfluous.

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