Sick bed sweater

I came home from my last trip feeling sick, but I’d had very little sleep in the previous few days and hoped it would clear up with some serious sack time.  It didn’t.  I’m now officially sick having called in sick for the first time in about four years.  My Cancun layover tomorrow will go to some healthier person.

Because laying in bed with the worst cough I’ve ever had, alternating sweating and chills isn’t as much fun as it sounds, I thought I’d start a new sweater with some stashed yarn.  I’ve got nine balls of GGH Bali in black and thought I’d try it with the Lamb’s Lace Cardi pattern.  It’s a top down sweater so my gauge (which is close but not exact) can be taken into account.

The knitting so far has been fine, but the charts in this pattern are super annoyingly on different pages.  Because I’m too lazy to reprint them and tape them together onto one sheet, there is much flipping of pages while knitting and movie watching in bed.  Not a huge problem in the scheme of things, but annoying to this sicky nonetheless.

And, because the knitting up of black top down sweaters makes for extremely boring pictures, you will have to forgive me for the shots that are sure to come.  Hopefully this will knit up quickly as it’s worsted gauge and we can move on to a prettier (though less wearable) color.


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