Cavities and Japan

I love going to the dentist.  Really.  He’s awesome and all his crew have been there just about as long as I’ve been going to him (1988 if you can believe that!).  In addition to his awesomeness, he’s in Union Square.  So “the dentist” really can mean shopping/fancy lunch/Japantown/fancy bakery princess cake/all of the above.  I have to go back next week to get a cavity fixed!  How exciting!

Today I stopped by Kinokuniya in Japantown after my appointment.  I was looking for the Drape Drape books that I keep seeing on the blogs.  I found both Drape Drape 1 and Drape Drape 2 at the bookstore ($29 fyi).  They are very interesting and inspirational books, but I didn’t see myself making more than one or two things from them.  I may still end up buying them as they really are mindblowing.  What I did buy is a book called Pattern Plus Something by Nooy (ISBN978-4-579-11298-2).  That is what Google translated the title to, I don’t know how correct that is though.  I’d make just about everything in this little book.  The shapes of the garments are interesting, but very wearable.  No one wants to look like they’re wearing a costume or some art student’s final exam project.  At least I don’t.

Hopefully after my next trip I’ll have time to trace off a pattern and get my feet wet with Japanese patterns.  I’ll have to figure out all those diagrams and arrows, so I’ll start with a simple top or skirt.

Knittingwise I’ve been unispired.  I want to use up some stashed yarn and came up with 9 balls of Lana Grossa Cool Wool in a rich deep green.  Sadly 9 skeins aren’t enough to make a sweater for me.  I’ve got two balls of muddy green and two more in burgandy, so stripes are a possibility.  I thought I’d start with a topdown V-neck sweater and add striped sleeves and perhaps a stripe or two at the hem.  We shall see.  I don’t want to end up with something that looks like a college intramural sports jersey.  Let’s see if I can pull this off.

And if you’re so inclined, go wish my sister (and her hub) a happy TWENTIETH wedding anniversary.  Isn’t that awesome?!  Yes, she was a child bride.  Perhaps I can even dig out a picture of the awesome bridesmaid dress I got to wear in her wedding, unless I’ve managed to “forget” where I put the piccies…


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  1. I loved my last dentist, and the one before him, who retired. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince either of them to move 1000 miles with me, so I”m still breaking in the new one.

    And I just saw my teenage niece in the bridesmaid’s dress she’s wearing in her uncle’s wedding, and am so jealous — it’s gorgeous! So, there are great bridesmaid’s dresses out there. (Although, you didn’t say yours wasn’t great, too…. )

  2. You are so funny, except I know what you mean. My dentist is next to The Container Store. I ALWAYS need more storage. And Rosie’s Bakery. That one is a contradiction…go to the dentist, then eat sweets.

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