Accidents happen

Said by me at the dentist’s office the other day “I accidentally went to Macy’s on the way over here”.  Maybelle in the office couldn’t stop laughing.  Hey, I can either walk around the block, or through Macy’s Union Square flagship store.  What would you do?  Exactly.

I have so many crafty ideas and projects planned!  I’m brimming with inspiration.  Sadly, I’m lacking time.  I’m only home for a few days and then am gone for two stinking weeks.  (My employer is understaffed so summer means more flights and lots more work.  Luckily they just announced a huge plan to hire, so yippy skippy, my slothlike ways may be back soon!)  I must scale my crafty plans to the amount of time I have available, I’m not one that is able to start a project and pick it up again two weeks later and remember what the hell I’d been thinking.  Keeping notes is not my MO.

I’ll begin by swatching for a colorwork pullover based on this adorable Garnstudio Drops pattern.  I accidentally order some Knit Picks Telemark and am thinking of a pullover with long sleeves and normal body length.  So swatching, doable aspiration for the alloted time.

Sewingwise, I love this Leia dress and downloaded the pattern.  I have to piece the pattern together and trace of a copy.  Somewhat doable, perhaps with a bit of focus?  I’ve not used a Japanese pattern before, but the instructions are pictoral and it’s not a complicated dress.  See Yoshimi’s blog for her lovely version (as well as her fab work).  So surely I can tape a pattern together before going back to work?

I’m also loving listening to free audio books from Librivox.  My flight got to SFO at midnight and I listened to two chapters of my current book in my car on the way home.  No feeling tired, I was too into my book.  And it’s free!

Ok, enough links.  Time to do something!


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  1. I can understand taking the most direct route!

    On the Knitty blog, Jillian has a great idea for keeping notes about what you are knitting. I am considering getting some little hang tags. Read the post and you will understand what I mean.

  2. I tried to sew Leia but with my rudimentary sewing skills, the curved yoke killed me and I’m left in a limbo. I might try it again when I feel courageous enough.

  3. I found that funny that your are going to swatch for that sweater, because I just printed it out a few days ago, myself. What’s not to love about it? I love that it has short sleeves and I could layer it with out roasting.

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