The Pile

Here is the knitting equivalent of a to do list.  Mine is called the pile.  These are projects that will vie for the available knitting time.

The yellow area is Maia, an almost finished Maia it must be said.  If my memory serves me correctly, I could probably have that little shawl done in a day or so.  Hmmm.

The pink blob is one almost complete Azure sock which actually has a deadline of next week to make is NON belated birthday gift.  That may become my priority knit for the next few days.

The small gray thingy is some ribbing for my version of Drops 116-9.  My version will be a pullover with long sleeves, but I love that Norwegian pattern for the yoke, so that’s staying.  I’m making up all the other bits of the pattern and sadly those are still in my head.  This one may take awhile.

Those are just the knitting tasks.  There are so many more things to do when one comes home after a couple weeks of working neglect.  Maybe I should become a list maker?  Or an insomniac?  Both unlikely.  But stay tuned, something’s going get made around here.

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