The perfect dress

Can you believe my friend didn’t let me buy this at the thriftstore?  I know!  It’s a never worn orange Qiana gown that fits perfectly over two tshirts and a pair of jeans all for $16!  I wanted to wear it everywhere, yet the voice of reason put the kybosh on this purchase.
What this dress does have is an interesting bodice.  There is a waist seam, so I’m guessing you’d rotate the darts to the CF and slash and spread the shirring.  An interesting idea from the dress I couldn’t have.
I wanted to start Leia, but all the material in the stash was either unacceptable to there wasn’t quite enough of it.  Argh!  Maybe I’ll make Leia into a blouse/tunic out of some stash.  That way I can practice the sweetheart neckline facing and have a cute blouse out of it too!

the perfect dress, originally uploaded by redsilvia.