Think of something else

In an attempt to banish the thought of orange Qiana from your collective minds, we will think of something else.

I began Leia today using fabric from the stash.  For those who remember me lamenting that there was no suitable stash fabric available, I was wrong.  I took it upon myself to reorganize my fabric stash into two plastic storage containers, sorted by type of fabric (OCD much?).  When I did so I came across some rustic cotton/rayon (?) that would work splendidly.  The only drawback to this fabric is that I will have to use it on the cross grain rather than the lengthwise grain.  Why?  Because I refuse to wear a dress with horizontal stripes, hence the change of grain.

I’ve never used a Japanese sewing pattern before, but the instructions are very good so why not try?  I’m making the largest size of Leia because I’ve been to Japan and I’m a giant.  I’m not too far above average height in the US, but in Japan I’m guessing I’m on the downside of the bell curve.  No matter, I should fit into Leia according to the measurements of the pattern.  Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the dress over my head tho…

So far I’ve had no problem with the verrrryyyy curvy front and back yokes.  They just need a lot of staystitching, clipping and pins.  I also chose to use a fabric that loves being ironed into shape.  Some poly georgette would probably kill me.  I should be done with Leia by tomorrow, so I shall see if it’s a wearable dress when all is said and done.  I’m hopeful but have tempered my expectations.  If it’s a win, I’ll share.  If you never hear of it again, think of something else.


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