Can I get a “hell ya”

Why, you ask?  Uh, they’re GNOME MITTENS!  How stinking cute are they?  Would I have gnomes in the yard or wear a gnome Halloween costume?  No.  Gnome mittens?  Sign me the freak up!

I’m even knitting them in navy blue, a color I never ever wear because I wear it at work all the darn time.  But my gnomes look so cute in navy, and it goes with their eyes…

Plus, it’s good practice for my upcoming Norwegian yoke sweater.  I don’t do much colorwork, so these mittens will give me some practice to get my tension less wonky.  My gnomes will forgive wonky tension.  They’re good like that.

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  1. Tomtes! Well, that’s what we call those little gnomes in Swedish (or the Americanized version of Swedish that I have learned through my husband). So cute. My daughter may need a pair of these.

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