Red all over

At last, a finished anything!

Above is the latest knit dress in the wardrobe, Vogue 1194.  I wanted to try this one  as soon as I saw it in the fall patterns.  It’s basically just an empire knit dress with a twisted band under the boobages (as if boobages weren’t interesting enough on their own).  I also got a hot burning feeling to make it the red that was shown on the pattern envelope.  I don’t know why, but there it is.

I had no suitable red fabric stashed so I bought some rayon/spandex at Discount Fabrics for about $3.50/yd.  Rayon/spandex is not the easiest fabric with which to work.  It moves and stretches on you, plus every needle hole shows.  It’s a think twice and sew once fabric, since ripping out is obvious in the fabric.  That said, it’s super comfy to wear so it’s worth the extra effort to me.

My red dress is pretty true to the pattern.  I omitted the side pockets because my material is very drapey and they would look too lumpy, and I made the sleeves 3/4 length to my personal preference.  After trying on the dress I raised the front neckline about 1.5″.  I wanted a more “day” look and also this fabric stretches lengthwise when worn and that made the neckline lower some too.  With a more stable knit you may not need to make that mod.

That’s pretty much the story, though I should have finished with this yesterday.  Sadly, I cut into one of the sleeves when trimming one of the sleeve hems.  Gulp.  I just cut off the sleeve hem where the hole was and added bands at the bottoms of the sleeves.  No harm done, but I’d lost my gumption to finish the dress off.  It’s best not to push through, since that’s when I tend to make dumb mistakes.

Now I just need to get that 80s song “Lady in Red” out of my head….argh!


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  1. It looks super, but my first thought was, ‘that’s a huge piece of knitting!’ So a great job as sewing too and nice colour!

  2. Love it! So, did you use a ballpoint needle or ??? What stitch length? I remember both my grandmothers saying, “Think twice, sew once.” Thank you for sparking such a wonderful memory. Sorry about the Scissor Event. Good idea to put them in time out for a bit. Bad scissors!

  3. That looks great! The color, the fit, the details are very flattering. I’m impressed with your recovery from the Scissors Incident. One of the worst experiences of my entire professional life started when the surgical resident, using scissors, was cutting tape on the breathing tube, and the cuff connection was included in that cut. Meant the tube no longer worked correctly, and it was horrible from then on in. (The patient did fine. I lost years off my life.)

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