Gnome mittens done just in time for…uh…winter…well not so much.  It’s still kinda (alot warm), but they’re done anyway.

I followed the pattern and even used the yarn and colors called for.  I figure SpillyJane’s got it all worked out, so why mess with that.  I still have enough yarn to make about two more pairs of these mittens.  Don’t all run for the exits at once.  I really like these cute gnomes, and if I do make another pair (for me too) I’d make more ribbing and omit a set of gnomes.  That way they’d be really tight for those super cold days waiting for the hotel shuttle in Detroit/Chicago/Buffalo in January.  But as they are, they fit well and are very warm.  I hope blocking will make the gnomes look less, well, lumpy.

Project evaluation:  Success and good fair isle practice.

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  1. They are just adorable! Now you make me want to pull out my fair isle books/patterns and start doing color work again. Thanks for the inspiration!

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