Q: Why are you licking your yarn?

A: Clearly I’m not licking my yarn.  I’m spitting on it.

I realized while performing a spitsplice that this is rather odd behavior to the general public.  Unravel, squish bits, spit and rub hands together.

Just a thought.

Even though it may not sound like it, I got a full night sleep after working yet another all night flight.  Those sure are killers and I can’t figure out why people buy tickets on them.  Yes, they’re efficient but you feel like ass for the next 24 hours.  Oh well, done and dusted.  Now I’m on VACATION!

Rhinebeck is next weekend and it looks like the temperature won’t be below freezing like last year.  I overstate, but I’m still bringing a down coat so my bippies aren’t in danger of frostbite.  My Rhinebeck sweater will be my Cormo Villane finished in April.  Hey I’m a Californian, we only have two seasons (perfect and slightly less perfect) so wool sweater making is never a necessity, nor will it consequently have a season.  Anything goes dude!

So here it is October and the weather will mid 80s today, and 90+ tomorrow,  and I’m working on my all wool version of Drops 116-9.  My plan is to make a regular length pullover and use the yoke pattern and colorway from the Drops pattern.  I love that punch of pink in the yoke, so 80s inspired and dang cute.  I don’t have a “pattern” for the pullover part, but I’ll just fudge through that using my measurements and gauge.  It’s not rocket science after all.

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  1. God only knows what the weather will be. First there is rain forecast and then there isn’t. Then they say the 60s and now they say the 50s. It will be beautiful, and dry and fun. That’s all I have to say about THAT.

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