Here’s some upside

One good thing to come out of the horror show that was last week, is that I’m done with Maia!  I didn’t have much more to do on the scarf-like thing, so I buckled down and finished it.  I blocked it out on my new Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle mat (I use the blank side, thanks for asking) and voila!  Big old blob of scarf!  Please note I was too lazy to block in points on the outer perimeter.  Maybe next time.

Since I’ll never wear this slung over my shoulders like some sort of nana, I thought I’d show you how Maia will be seen 99.9% of the time.  Yes, the only thing most folks will ever see of Maia are the wings peeping out of my winter jacket.  Here is the view from the puffer jacket.  Puffer cam, as it were.  This is the same puffer jacket that saved my bippy from freezing to death on Rhinebeck Saturday.  Brrr….

That said, it’s still summer where I live.  I’m glad about that so this pretty scarf will get the closet treatment for a few more weeks.  Though I see we may not make it to 80 degrees today, so maybe I’ll need Maia before too long after all.

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  1. Lovely. Where did you get your Thomas mat? Inquiring parents of an obsessed two year old Thomas devotee want to know. Gawd, the kids eats, breathes & craps Thomas.

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