If babies are small….

…then why do baby blankets take such an age to make?

There is a baby boom in my circle at present, so my mind has turned to appropriate baby gift thingies. I have never been one to see a baby as an occasion to make things.  To my mind, babies are messy (not their fault I know) and fine hand knits are just wasted on them.  They need sturdy, washable items from TJ Maxx, which is usually what I give to harried new parents.

I also explicitly give my friends instructions to have female children since girl clothes are really much cuter.  Absolutely no one listens to me on this score, so the humans arriving early next year are all boys.  Argh!

I began this baby blanket the other day after seeing some cute versions on Rav of the Moderne Baby Blanket pattern.  I also saw some hideous versions of the pattern, but we will not be discussing those.  The versions I liked best were symmetrical and graphic, rather than a hodgepodge.  I decided to try a color progression version and see how I liked it.  So far I’m “meh” on it (needs some pink), but I’ll stick it out until I run out of yarn and see what we’ve got.

That brings me to another question:  how big is a baby blanket traditionally supposed to be?  I see patterns for little ones and some others would be suitable to swaddle a baby elephant.  What’s up with that?  I suspect my version will be on the small side since I’ve not got a huge amount of interest in swaddling an elephant.


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  1. Babies scare me, so I’m afraid I can’t help about sizing but I love the colours on the blanket so far. I think it may need a stronger jewel tone such as purple or orange to make the more subtle shades “pop”.

  2. As the parent of a former baby who’s 2 now, I vote for the elephant sized blankies. The little suckers grow so fast that the cute little blankets become useless for much other than wiping up drool in a very short period of time. Also, said 2 year-old absolutely loves his Thomas mat (right side up), so thanks for telling me about it.

  3. I’ve only made one baby blanket, and it was large enough to cover the baby in the car seat. That was the limit of my patience with the knitting! It was log cabin, garter stitch, so the changing colors were the only interesting thing about it (and it was navy blue, denim blue and white — the parent’s school colors).

  4. Pretty!

    The one I just made ended up being about 42″ square. Sort of. The new daddy emailed me the other day and said that the blanket is the official nap blanket for something called a “bouncy”. No idea what that is but I’m guessing the blanket passed the test.

  5. I usually aim for 36 inch square when I knit baby blankets. The small ones get outgrown pretty quickly I think but the 36 inch size is useful for a longer period and then can be dragged around by a toddler as his “blankie” later.

  6. Good colors. I’m more inclined to add a bit of navy — rock the moderate depth of shade thang you have there. I like 42″ square. 36″ will work, but that extra bit really helps if the kidlet has any size or motion to him. Worsted weight baby blankets end up being play mats, magic capes, baby burrito nap time wrappers, car seat liners, etc. Wondrous things.

    My little stay-on sock pattern is a good quick knit, too, and easy to do with leftover sock yarn. Google beadlizard newborn crawling bootees for the pattern (or email me).

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