Knits, not knitting


I’m calling this one a “maybe”.  I didn’t realize before making this top that it’s asymmetrical, I thought it would be more “mock wrap”.  There is also more shirring than I realized, with ruching at the side right seam and left princessline.  This pattern is from Burda Magazine 6/2008 #124.  You can’t tell from the magazine picture that the hemline isn’t straight, and you can’t tell from the pattern pieces either.  Surprise!

What I do especially like is the V-neck.  I’d not done one using the tutorials I previously linked to, but that method works well for V-necks as well as round necks.  I’ll probably wear this top and the material was under $5, so I’ll rate this as a strong maybe for the win.


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  1. It is the asymmetry that makes me really like that shirt. I’ll take it if you are looking for a new happy home for it! 🙂

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