Fails, snails and automobiles

I’d hoped to show you finished pix of a cute skirt I’d made, but it was such a horror show that I’m super glad it’s trash night tomorrow.  No joke.  At least the fabric wasn’t expensive.  Lesson learned.

Instead I’ll share the excitement of sleeve number 1 from my grey Nordic yoke sweater.  Elizabeth Zimmermann is so right when she says in Knitting Without Tears that the body will take some time, so start a sleeve.  Too true, that body better fit ok or I may go nuts if I have to rip and reknit.  Again.

The more delicious part of my above photo mashup is the Pumpkin Cranberry Bread I made the other day.  It’s so easy and so yummy, I’d suggest you bookmark this recipe.  Just saying, and it gets better every day (what’s this unheard of cake ageing thing?).  And it’s not too sweet, which is so perfect with coffee.

My next sewing project is a simple sheath dress which hopefully won’t end up in the trash bin.  The muslin has been cut, so tomorrow we shall see if I can fit that mofo into something resembling a flattering garment.  If not, at least it’s trash day.

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  1. I do think things with beans or squash tend to ‘age’ well. It’s a mystery.

    I bought a pattern for a sheath dress a few weeks ago. Maybe someday I’ll actually attempt making one.

    As for EZ… I was just watching “Knitting Workshop”, and laughing myself silly at the beginning. She was a pistol!

  2. Ooff. That must have been a bad project if you trashed it! I will try to restrain myself from the excitement of a photo of a grey sleeve – thrilling! 😀

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