It’s a muslin

I know this dress looks like Mad Men meets Little House on the Prairie, but rest assured – it’s only a muslin.  That means it’s a test fit for the non-sewing crowd.  I know you can’t see the details in this super busy print, but there are front and back darts and a waist seam.  Not much crazy sewing to this dress, but it’s a simple sheath dress.  I don’t have one in my wardrobe so I thought I’d dig in the stash and make one.

In fact, using stash was my self imposed “rule” so the pattern is from one of my old issues of Burda Style magazine, the fabric I’ll use for the “real” dress is a black wool blend that’s been aging patiently and the lining will be stash too, so don’t expect that to match.  Fingers crossed I have a black zipper in the zipper box

The fit was pretty good with this pattern, just a bit too big.  I’ve pinned out the extra at the sides and will take out a smidge at the back waist to get rid of the back ripply top bit (the red thing is my sports bra peeking out where I couldn’t reach the pinning).  That should do it.  Easy “alterations” and my serger is still threaded with black thread from the “skirt who will not be named project from heck” that was trashed.

Let me anticipate some questions:  I don’t know why I bought this cotton material – it’s a bit fugly ain’t it?  It makes a nice muslin though, so kudos there.  No, I have no need for a new dress as I don’t wear the ones I currently own, but why not since all the materials are to hand.  And finally, yes I think it’s weird that Prince William gave Waity Katie his mother’s engagement ring AS an engagement ring.  Bad juju on that one.  Anything else for the oracle?


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  1. Definitely bad juju. A swatch (muslin) for a sewed garment. My narrow world of sewing has now opened up in my brain! I’ll be playing with that idea for some days and seeing if it sticks.

  2. Didn’t they used to do things like that though in the old days–use their mother’s engagement rings as engagement rings for their fiancees? I agree though, in this situation and in this day and age it does seem creepy.

  3. Right – Madmen (love it) or my wardrobe from 1969 LOL. We always wore dresses to work and they were easy to sew. Wish I had a pic to show you 🙂

    Tacky, tacky ring giver!

  4. I actually sort of like that print. In a retro sort of way.

    Its always good to have a black sheath dress. One never knows when one will need it.

    Mmm. Pumpkin cranberry bread. I’d be happy to shop for any ingredients you might need for t-giving.

  5. It was certainly cheaper for young William to use his Mum’s old ring!

    Also, are you a quilter? That muslin would be great in a quilt!

  6. I like it!

    The thing with the ring? Yeah, not good. That thing should have skipped a generation before returning to public life. It’s not like there aren’t any other rings floating around that family.

  7. If you’ve ever read Sue Grafton novels (A is for Alibi, etc), her protagonist Kinsey always has a little black dress tucked away somewhere. Often in the back seat of her car for situations where her typical jeans and sweatshirt attire won’t do and she needs a quick change in a hurry. I think you can never have too many black dresses, so I must be a total geek because I don’t own any.

    PS. Can I send you my fabric stash? You’d get far more use out of it than I do! And I thought the ring was sweet, not bad karma. Honoring his mother, sort of thing.

  8. Clearly you were either wearing sunglasses when you bought that or you anticipated needing a muslin fabric!

    There is no way in hell I’d have worn that ring if I were Kate. Would give me the heebie-jeebies.

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