So little, so late

So there’s not much crafting to show you.  I’ve been working.  And working.  Clearly my schedule hates me.

What I have done is start a hat.  I don’t know why, but I got some hot-burning -hair-up my ass for fair isle.  Voila, Tantallon Hat was begun.  I picked out some yarns that looked nice together, but perhaps not nice in fair isle together.  No matter, I’ll be continuing on and considering it a learning experience.

The other thing I did was buy a fake Christmas tree  and set it up.  Why did I not get a fake, prelit tree years ago?  So much easier and really much more practical when you’ve got to work the last two weeks of December.  Christmas is starting early at casa de Sil, well I’ve been eating lebkuchen since Halloween if truth be told.  And everyone knows, Christmas begins when the lebkuchen shows up at Cost Plus.