Hat it

Seriously, what’s the deal with a 16″ size 0 round needle?  Why don’t they just call it an instrument of torture and have the Geneva Convention forbid it. Why didn’t I just stop using it if it was so terrible, you ask? Because I’m lazy, too lazy to empty off some size 0 dps and change over.  Clearly I’m a dork.

Luckily this Tantallon hat is quick to knit, it’s a hat after all though I did take a month to make it because six balls of yarn do not a travel project make.  I learned a bit about picking out colors for fair isle.  A harmonious palette when laid out on a table does not always produce that same result knit up.  One change I’d make is to change out one of the greens, two of those greens are similar and are indistinguishable in the knit fabric.  That and the needle choice.

Clearly none of these problems are the fault of the pattern, which is clearly written and error free.  I did have a compressed row gauge issue that made me have to fudge a little.  One follows the chart and should begin decreasing about row 35, which based upon pattern gauge of 7 rows per inch would be about 5″ from the brim.  I hit row 35 about 3.75″ from the brim so I knit another few pattern repeats and fudged the top.  I was determined not to rip out any painful knitting on this hat, so a calculator and fudging were employed.

Hat completed, needle banished (I didn’t bin it because it did cost $16 – I’ll find a use for it) and it’s still sadly much too warm to wear a hat of any kind in my neck of California.  I’ve got it at the ready for the next dip in temperature, or my next work trip to the frozen tundra, whichever comes first.