So I’m still working…

So I’m still working and won’t be home until the 30th.  And no, I’ve not had a day off since the 17th.  Hands up who’s bitter?

My modest Christmas plans were thwarted by the weather, and for the next several days I’m in Accra where it’s very, very warm.  Really about as far away from the blizzard many of you are experiencing today.  My plans for my exotic layover are simply sleep and sleep.  I’m exhausted and jet lagged, so I will take advantage of my time to rest.  No, not very exciting or picturesque but there it is.

I did take a few pics this morning on my sleep deprived walk.  The fishermen come in at this pier and there were lots of fish about.  This was the only pile of crabs I saw so I kinneared a pic.  It was fascinating and smelly at the same time.  Rather a good nutshelled description of my first impression of Accra.