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One of my friends is having a baby boy this spring and I thought I’d see if I could come up with a baby blanket.  Now I have several prejudices about baby items – nothing overly cutsie and nothing “ye olde” style (aka expensive grandma crap, sailor suits or matching parent/child outfits).  See, these are not unreasonable ideas.

I like the idea of the Moderne Baby Blanket, but I didn’t want to make a hodgepodge.  So I opted to make a more linear progression blanket.  My yarn choice was the washable/dryable Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and after taking these pics I washed the blanket to make sure the colors don’t run.  They don’t.  The colors of the blanket are in the ballpark of the nursery colors tropical theme, so that’s a plus.

I’m ambivalent about the finished blanket.  The colors look kind of like a rainbow, which is not what I was going for.  I wanted to use more muted colors, but Cotton-Ease just didn’t have enough of the colors for my vision.  I picked the colors that worked best and called it done.  Aren’t baby blankets just big rags anyway so I should just gift it and let it go….right?


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  1. Hey Sil, it’s been awhile eh? I don’t think it looks like a rainbow at all? There is no ROYGBIV prevalent in the blanket! If anything it looks like a very moderne, muted wooden building block! It’s beautiful no matter what it looks like and it makes me cringe that soon there will be baby snot and spit up on it! Ha! I will also say that I am completely and totally in awe that you can do that much garter stitching and still be sane 😉

  2. I think it’s because there are so much contrast between the colors…not that I think it looks like a rainbow!

    I like the take on it…and I think I’ll steal the idea for future blankets I have to make…and use more monotonish colors.

  3. It came out fine! Parents & baby should be thrilled that you took the time to make something special for them. It will become a much treasured item by the little one over time!

  4. I like the colour choices and given that very new babies can’t register subtle shades, it could serve well as a playmat when the bairn is still little.

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