Random post

Because my latest crafty efforts are on the camera at home and I’m three time zones away without having loaded the piccies on my laptop, today’s post will be called random for good reason.

1. I made some kick ass tomato soup (don’t leave out the brandy).

2. Did you know your library has audio books you can download and you’ll never have to leave the house?  I’ve downloaded a few and my latest was The Maltese Falcon.  I listened to a goodly portion of that driving around San Francisco, which as you know, is where the book is set.  Love that.  As a bonus this book is on the NEA’s The Big Read list to inspire adults to get to reading.  Even cooler.

3. Cowls are this season’s slouchy hat.

4. There are a couple interesting museum exhibits coming up around these parts – “Pulp Fashion” at the Legion of Honor in February and “Balenciaga and Spain” at the de Young in late March.  Yay!

5. I hate Uggs.  Are they the new Croc?

How’s that for random?