Slippery slopes and such

So I’m innocently perusing blogs and I see this post at The Purl Bee and I think “Self, you have very tidy friends and those coasters could be a handy and welcome host gift.”  Hmmm.  I could combine these coasters into a Valentine-esque theme and just run with it.  Since my crowd and cutesy don’t go together, I thought of one of the striking color schemes at Saidos da Concha (a very pretty blog that will make you feel like you live in an ugly hovel – I digress).

Anywho, I thought I’d use red, white and turquoise for my coasters.  I suppose if you keep scrap fabrics you could use those, but I throw that stuff out after a project and went to the store to buy some fabric and red felt.  I bought four fat quarters and used about a quarter of the fabric pieces to make the coasters.  I mashed up this coaster with this coaster and went with it.  Please note I don’t have a walking foot since I’m not a quilter and these worked out  just fine without spending the extra hundred bucks on that foot.  An easy project that I sewed up assembly line style while watching a football game.

But what to do with all the extra fabric.  I don’t like extra bits sitting around and there are only so many coasters one can use.  I know, heart pot holders to complete the theme host gifts.  I now went back to the store and bought cotton batting and bias tape, taking this project out of the $5 range into the $15 range.  I used up a much greater chunk of the fat quarters making up those four pot holders.  But guess what?  I’ve still got some fabric left.  Will those fat quarters never end?  Oh they will, trash day is coming up.


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  1. Love the colour combination of the turquoise blue and the red. You could make little notions bag/coin purse out of the remnants. You’d just need a small zip (do you have a zip stash or are you one of those annoyingly good people who doesn’t stock-pile like me?!)

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