Is this as gross as it seems to me?

Seen in the store in Florida, press on french pedi toe nails!  Ewww!  You mean people would consider gluing fake toenails to their feet? Why does that completely disgust me?  Why don’t fake fingernails bother me though?  Is this just a Florida thing?  Why am I wasting brain cells on this?


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  1. “People” do a lot of things that I would never consider.

    It may be more popular in southern states where toes are on display more than they are in northern states.

    I’m not a fake fingernail kind of gal, but I guess the people who glue on fake fingernails are just as likely to glue on fake toenails – I don’t really see much difference, personally, so it doesn’t gross me out.

    I see that they actually get really good reviews. If nothing else, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than going to a salon. I suppose I can see the allure, especially for some sort of special occasion.

    I, however, would not glue fake nails on EITHER my fingers or toes (or have acrylic/gel nails applied), after having bad experiences with glue-on nail tips in the early ’80s.

  2. I’ve had this conversation before- someone somewhere told me about fake toenails and I too was completely disgusted. Even more disgusting to me however is that the brand name is “Kiss” as if…blyech!

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