When to say when?

I need your collective thinking caps to be donned people!  Here’s the SAT question:

I’m knitting Elektra subbing lace weight yarn for sock/fingering weight.  My yarn starting weight was 3.99 oz and I now have about 1 oz left.  The scarf unblocked is about 10″ long at the center panel (pattern gives finished length about 14″ blocked).  I’ve got about 48 rows of lace charts to start working before bind off.  I’ve knit about 140 rows of garter to get to about 10″ in length.  I increase 8 stitches on every other row, so every row I work will need that much more yarn in the lace section.  Soooo….

When do I start the lace section of my knitting?  I really want to make this scarf as big as possible and use up all my yarn, but of course I do NOT want to run short of yarn I probably can’t find any more of.

Argh!!  I’d guess if my garter row gauge is 14 row/inch and I’ve got 48 lace rows to knit, that would give me 3.5″ if my lacy gauge is similar to my garter gauge.  If I’m shooting for about 14″ blocked (or bigger) and I’m at 10″ now, I should knit another inch of garter before starting lace charts.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough yarn for that, I mean I’ve got 1 ounce out of 4 ounces left.

Sound plausible?

AND in totally unrelated news, I saw the first of the cherry blossoms yesterday while driving home through San Francisco!!!  I love cherry blossoms and that means it’s spring!  I know we’re early in that, and I’m going to Chicago in a few days and will find the existence of cherry blossoms a sad memory in that frigid clime, but dammit – they are here in San Francisco.  I may even go to work early so I get some photographic evidence to share.


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  1. hopefully SNOW MY GOD WHAT IS THAT WHITE STUFF will be settled back into calm winter reality before Friday. I’m sure O’Hare has already closed down for today.

  2. Hmmm. Not enough info. Figure roughly how many stitches you’ve already knit, and how many there are once you start the lace. If you’ve knit more than 75% of the total you need, then you can keep going with the garter stitch for a bit.

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