Yes, it’s true!

I told my sister that I’d try to provide her with proof of spring here in SF with the first cherry blossoms I’ve seen.  Here is my little collage of beauty.  Stay warm snowpersons!


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  1. That is gorgeous. If you feel like sending me (email) a full version of picture #3, it would be really useful as a wallpaper for my computer in these parts. I promise not to sellmor profit from it.

  2. Ok Sil, totally and completely gorgeous and totally and completely jealous while we are undergoing the snoMG event here in Oklahoma. Enjoy the sun and soak it up for me! Can’t wait to see the flowers start to green up and bloom here.

  3. Wow glad to see there is spring somewhere. Maybe it will hit Toronto in 4 to 6 weeks.
    I welcome the return of bike riding season.

  4. Thanks for the Cherry Love. I’m headed down there next week and was wondering what the weather is like. Yay! As I recall, February in the bay area is like May up north here in the backwoods. I could use a little May.

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