When life hands you…

…a big old bowl of crap, I start knitting washcloths.  Yup, I’ve come to that.  Who knew washcloths are so stinking easy?  I guess thousands know this and I’m late to the party.

I’ve been knitting baby themed washcloths (patterns are here) for the baby who was supposed to get that wacked out version of the Moderne Baby Blankie I made a bit back.  That blankie matched the nursery, but then I visited my preggers friend the other day and the girl painted the damn nursery.  It no longer matches.  AT ALL.  Seriously.

I’m gifting it anyway, they can use it as a play mat or dirt shield or some such.  I’m whipping out a few cloths (that incidentally match the new nursery scheme) to make a little gift bag.  The rest will come from Kohls.  There’s only so much a girl can do for the unborn.


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  1. Sorry that you are getting a bowl of crap lately! I can share some wisdom that was overheard a few weeks ago in my fifth grade classroom.

    Student 1: When life hands you lemons you need to make lemonade! Be positive!

    Student 2: When life hands me lemons….I throw them at the stupid people who gave me the lemons.

    Just a thought from some 10 year olds! Hang in there!

  2. You turned a crappy day into a lovely one by knitting something quick and easy. The gift will be very welcome and maybe the blanket will turnout to be the babies favorite color!

  3. You have done above and beyond for the unborn as far as I can see, for I still have half a blanket to go (goodness knows if it matches anything!) and the baby has been born for a couple weeks!

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