It’s no secret that I love spring and cherry blossoms can instantly make me happy.  Around these parts everything is blooming and allergy sufferers have begun stocking up on their meds.  Yay!

We have been having “weather” lately, mostly rain and winds – with a smidge of hail the other day and I’ve worried that my blossoms are a sodden mess.  Driving home from the airport the other day allowed me to survey the blossom population north and south of the Golden Gate, and happily I can report that they are just fine.

Since I’ve got blossom fever I thought I’d show you some pretty blossoms from around my house.  First up is my current sock, a simple short row sock made from Vesper Sock Yarn in colorway Wild Berry.  I’ve scratched out the “Berry” on the label and written “Blossom” since that is obviously a mistake 😉  See how the yarn matches the V-day flowers that are still alive and kicking?  Clearly more Blossom than Berry.

Next is a blossom earring (I do own both of them btw).  I’m pretending it’s a cherry blossom even though the card said made in India.  They must have cherry blossoms in India, it’s a huge country fer-pity-sake.  Of course my iPhone cover is a cherry blossom homage too.  I thought I’d troll etsy for some cherry blossom necklace fun, but as I already own two blossom necklaces I thought I’d just window shop.  But isn’t this and this fabulous?

Today my spring-like fun will take the shape of making lemon bars.  I came across an intriguing recipe and want to see how it compares to my perfect lemon bars.  Stay tuned for lemon fun!


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