Oh yum!  As you can see I made the Whole Lemon Bars and after extensive tasting, a panel of my friends and I have deemed them delicious.  They are just the right texture, very very lemony and not too sweet.  Even the shortbread base is super yummy.

The other thing we all agreed upon is that if you don’t like marmelade, you won’t like these bars.  You use the whole lemon and end up with little peel and pith nuggets.  I think these are delish, but if you’ve got an antipith-er in the house you’ll have to strain the lemon mixture.  I’d imagine you’d lose some of that lemon tang that makes these so yummy, but they’d still be super.

My baking notes:  I used a scale to measure my ingredients (in grams) – much more accurate (and easier); regard the recipe note that David’s whole lemon was about 6 oz/175g and I used two lemons to get that weight; my baking time for the completed lemon bars was a few minutes shy of the suggested time – overbaking these would be a crime.

Now get baking!


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  1. Yum! I saw these on David Lebovitz’s blog and wondered if they were good (although isn’t all of the stuff that he shows there good?) May have to try these as soon as our kitchen is finished. And I agree about the scale. I love weighing ingredients!

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