Like a mallet to the head…

I didn’t know whether to go with the mallet title or a blue and gray/civil war type thingie.  I opted for the mallet because I’ve still got a giant tupperware full of yarn in the garage that is much scarier than civil war re-enactors.  Use some stash, me thinks not.

So what am I doing instead of packing to go to work for a week tomorrow morning.  Winding skeins of Isager 2 into cakes thank you very much.  I saw the Stripe Study Shawl pattern and immediately bought it.  Please note I waited twenty-four hours before buying some appropriate yarn, so clearly I don’t have a problem.

What’s that?  No, nothing’s been finished projectwise, but thanks for playing.  Lovely parting gifts and all.

Excuse me while I go swatch and refuse to pack.  It’ll serve me right if I don’t pack enough undies and have to wash my “smalls” out in random hotel rooms and dry them with a hair dryer.  NOT that I have a problem…


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  1. Gorgeous shawl pattern. Had to add it to the faves! Can’t wait to see how your “Civil War” colors work out. Get ready for work instead of getting your knitting together? So glad you have your priorities straight!

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