Super happy fun time*

*slight irony intended

I am not a list maker, think of these as “talking points”:

a.  If your MacBook runs out of juice on an airplane, do not walk/crawl yourself and your hardware to the galley where your flight attendants are not only buckled up, but harnassed to their jumpseats holding hands in terror from the SEVERE turbulence because we are flying THROUGH the mother of all thunderstorms and ask if there is a plug you can use.  You will find said hardware “accidentally” up your…enough said.  FYI, we asked him to sit down and DID NOT say please.

b.  It is very cold in many, many parts of this fine nation.  I do not care for that.

c.  This sock yarn makes me happy.  I love these colors!  It’ll be hard to gift these…

d.  The latest dilemma:  netbook vs. iPad.  Which one should I get?

e.  A new handbag can indeed right many wrongs.


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  1. I’ll weigh in on the netbook vs. iPad question, only because my husband and I were just discussing this and he sent me an article on why the netbook market is quickly dying. Netbooks are cheap, but seriously lack power and speed. Sure they support flash, but if you buy a low cost netbook (and isn’t that the whole point?) they probably can’t run that flash site well, if at all. Of course, you can buy a pricey netbook which will have the power you want, but then why not buy a notebook computer?
    My sister bought a netbook and never uses it. My mom bought an iPad and loves it. I think that’s the best indication of which is more useful. (Although I’m in the market for the new iPad, so I may be biased!)

  2. Having spent the weekend playing with an iPad, my vote goes with that. I’m just waiting for iPad 2 to come out.

    Did you start that shawl? I had a total brain freeze when I started reading the pattern and worked on something else all weekend.

  3. Happy, bright, shiny socks are happybrightshiny! And I may be facing the netbook/iPad dilemma myself soon, so I’ll be interested to see which you choose (and why).

  4. I love my iPad. I don’t even use a laptop any more. The iPad so much more portable and usable – just unzip the cover and away I go. I can hold it in one hand and work on it. I don’t have to open the lid and get it all set up. It is especially great for traveling (and having your knitting patterns all loaded on it, too). I don’t have any complaints at all – in fact the battery lasts much longer than I had expected!

  5. That is a CUTE handbag. I love the animal print inside.

    Here is my thought on netbook v. ipad. The netbook is perfect for me because it works as a web surfer for personal use, but also works well with my word processing programs when I need it for work. I played with an iPad recently and loved it. For you, I would suggest an iPad. Then I can play with it sometimes. 🙂

    BTW, if the FAs are scared that is a bad-ass situation. Darwinism will get the clueless Macbook owner soon enough.

  6. iPad. Hands down. When I travel just for me, I only take my iPad (when traveling for work, the MacBook Pro is still required). It works for everything except processing iPhone photos–but I can do that on the phone if I’m desperate to post something.

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