Socks at a glance*

Here is a badly labelled sock “recipe” for a pair of well fitting socks.  Sure you have to get my particular gauge and all for this to work for you, but at least you get the idea.

Ribbing 64 stitches.

Decrease to 60 stitches on last ribbing row; change to stockinette stitch.

Knit for 1.5″ and decrease one stitch.  Repeat a total of 4 times to 56 stitches.  Knit on until sock is 8″ long.

Start short row heel on half the stitches.

Knit foot, make toe about 2″ less than desired total foot length.

Make short row toe; graft seam under toe.

Voila!  Easy socks that fit well.

*Fingering weight sock yarn (Vesper Sock) and size 0 needles.  I’m a loose knitter, love me anyway.


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  1. Maybe some day I’ll knit enough socks to develop my own sure-fire recipe. But those sweaters just keep on calling me.

    I love your bedspread. (Blanket? Afghan?)

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