No civil war here

I keep meaning to post a progress shot of the Civil War Stripe Study Shawl, but I only have this one size 5 needle handy and the thought of moving all those stitches onto a needle I can’t knit with does my head in.  So you will all have to make do with scrunched up scarf pictures for now.

This shawl is a triangle, but the left side is long and pointy (created with the short rows) and the right side of the triangle is short and perky (no so much with the short rows there).  I’m carrying the two colors up that narrow side and won’t have too many ends to weave in when this puppy is done.

I find this a very addicting project.  The pattern itself is quite easy to understand and do from memory.  It’s garter stitch and you can easily pick it up from where you left off.  Plus the color change combined with the stripe knitting makes you just want to finish that last stripe before putting it down.  Like eating one chip, it’s not going to happen.

So sorry again for the crap pics, but I’m enjoying this so much I may just finish the darn thing before my vacation is over next week.  A good blocked shot is what this scarf needs!


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