Gray skies, gray dress

Thanks so much for all the birthday good wishes!  I certainly had a lovely day.

I was also not idle and broke out the much neglected sewing machine.  I saw the Simplicity Lisette patterns and wanted to try them.  They are cute, maybe tad too cutesy in fact, but we all know to shop for patterns by the line drawings (don’t we?).  Plus Joann had Simplicity patterns for $1.99 so it was cheap thrills.

I thought dress 2209 was a good little basic and rooted around the garage stash and came up with some mystery gray linen/rayon blend from who knows where.  Plenty for this dress, so it fit the bill nicely although it’s the most wrinkly fabric on earth.  What ev.  I even found matching lining it the stash so I decided to make this a lined dress.

As you can see, it pretty much looks like the line drawing.  It’s pretty basic, fitted bodice with an A-line skirt.  There is a side zipper and the front darts cross.  The pattern envelope calls for two inches of ease in the bust, but I fitted the bust more closely.  I think 2″ of ease would be a booby peep show.  The back photo is begging for more ease in the arse, but I’m standing funny and my hips aren’t anatomically even  so maybe it’s ok.  If I wear this I’ll toss a cardie or jacket over it since sleeveless in my neck of the woods isn’t the best idea for another five months or so.

I thought I’d make this pattern and see if it would be good for an easy summer cotton dress.  It would, but it led me to think of all the other summer frocks I’ve made and never worn, so I may not ever make that frock.  Between wearing a uniform at work and sweats and jeans at home, frocks aren’t much in demand.  Maybe I should make something I’d actually wear rather than donate?  A top or something stretchy.  I prefer wearing knits, but would rather sew with wovens.  Oh the conundrum.