No, not done

Stripe Study Shawl is almost done.  Not quite.   So close.  Another couple of inches…

Elektra is ready to start the lace charts which makes that not a travel project.  Too much attention required.

So what’s a girl to do on the eve of her vacation being over and a bunch of work ahead?  New projects, of course!

I’ve longed to make Folded since I saw Too Much Wool Cassie’s at Rhinebeck 2010 – all the way back in OCTOBER (how did that happen?).  Such a cute pattern and it’s knit in the round with sock weight yarn in stockinette.  Pretty much travel knitting for the body and sleeves!  Perfect.  I got some Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine and swatched up a bit.  So far so good, except my color way is called Prune Mix which is not so sexy sounding.  Me, I like prunes (and all dried fruit for that matter), but Folded Prune is not such a fun name for a sweater.

I’ll work on a better name.  Until then, Folded Prune it is…


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  1. I always thoughts prunes were nasty, & then I tasted one. Yum! They’ve got to rename those things. I know, they tried – dried plums. That sounds lousy too. Maybe there’s a better word out there.

  2. Plaisin! Okay, maybe that sounds like I’m trying to say “pleasing” with a bad Irish accent. Actually, I always thought that colorway looked like heather (I have a sweater in it that I adore). Can’t wait to see how your finished piece looks!

  3. Ok, now I just want to knit Folded in Ultra Alpaca Fine. I should finish my second one (also in Koigu), it’s nearly done. And it really is great travel knitting.

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