Where to look

Well the good news is that I’m home!  I’m in my own bed and loving it.  The bad news is that I’m SO freaking tired.  Sleep will be had in quantities around these parts.

So I’m driving home from the airport and the car in front of me has the above license plate.  I’m intrigued.  I think Dishwalla is a music group, but to my mind anything other than say The Beatles will not require the devotion needed for a vanity plate.

Perhaps I was missing something.  Enter the google machine.  Nope, Dishwalla mid 90s to 2004.  Same group of which I was thinking.  I find it odd that someone felt so strongly about this group that they shell out an extra $100 every year to get the vanity plate.  BUT, I’m sure they’d find my interests odd too.  Maybe it one of the group’s moms, that would explain it or the fact I had to look at that plate for about 30 blocks.


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