Just in time for spring

Doesn’t that golden color just make you think of spring and new leaves and sunshine?  Am I right in thinking that lots of you live in places with none of these items in abundance – yet?  I visited quite a few still defrosting cities last week, bleak bleak bleak.

So what could be better than bringing a bit of my California sunshine with me in the form of this adorable hat?  The hat pattern is the wonderfully addictive Miyake (by Jenn Jarvis and a free download!) and the yarn is MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light in the Candle Wick colorway.  Very golden and happy.

This hat pattern is super easy, but keeps you interested with the occasional cable.  Perfect for knitting on the road, this hat has already been coast to coast during the knitting up.  I followed the pattern as written although I inadvertently mixed up the left and right cables.  Also, I used double points instead of short circs since short circs give me horrible tendonitis.  I also went down a needle size since I’m the queen of loose knitters.  Because I’m such a loosey my ribbing isn’t as tight as I wanted after blocking so I ran one row of elastic thread where the ribbing turns to pattern stitch and that worked perfectly.  That gives my hat the slight slouch I wanted and will keep it on my head during those freezing San Francisco windy summer days.

I’m already thinking about making another one of these for a gift and going down one more needle size, but will have to see if the fabric produced is as nice as this hat’s.  I can heartily recommend this hat pattern with the proviso that it’s addictive.  The Cheetos of hats?!

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  1. That looks really good on you! I may have to rip my Multnomah shawl with the poor lace instructions to make this hat instead 🙂
    $3.95 / gal

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