Stripes aplenty

I finally finished the last couple of inches my Stripe Study Shawl.  I’d stalled on the finishing but it’s really a quick, easy project.  It’s easy to memorize the pattern and you carry the colors up the side, so there is minimal end weaving.

I chose Isager Strik Aplaca 2 which is a wonderful yarn with a dumb name.  It comes in gorgeous colors and is so soft and squishy, 50/50 alpaca and merino.  It’s on the fave list!  I knit this shawl up on size 5 needles which gave me a light open weave to the fabric.  It’s a big shawl, but the loose weave makes it squishable.  I’m in danger of becoming a Veera groupie, since I may just make the second striped shawl she’s planning when the pattern comes out.

Because no project is complete without some obstacle to overcome, I decided to add an additional stripe because I had “tons” of yarn left after the 12 stripes suggested in the pattern.  Tons.  Not really, I ran out of yarn on the last two rows of stripe 13.  Luckily the shop had more yarn, but I am still a dope because I needed about 10 yards of the 3rd skein.  No extra stripes and you can make this with two skeins of navy and two skeins of gray, with “tons” left over.

The specifics of this version are:  size 5 needles; 2 skeins gray (with ample leftovers); 3 skeins navy (using about 10 yards of the 3rd skein because I’m a dumb bunny).  I blocked the shawl so it was 86″ wide, 35″ long at the point and each leg of the triangle are 42.5″ and 71″ respectively.

The bonus shot below is the shawl on blocking wires pinned to the reverse of the Thomas the Tank Engine play mat squares.  Yup, didn’t need that 13th stripe.  Live and learn.


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